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Asteroids games for Android the sci fi fantasy power shooter

Asteroids Power Shooter 3D for android

ASTEROIDS game - the Power Shooter 3D game for android - the sci fi fantasy shooter in the hostile Universe, highly dynamic, dangerous and full of asteroids which may hurt you and destroy the spacecraft.
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THE ONE TOUCH CONTROL is the highest STANDARD of the space game, no more boring joysticks! now you control the space ship by one-touch, completely and easily. Shoot all asteroids, enjoy the EXPLOSIONS, and dodge the rocks flying at the top light speed towards your mighty space ship. You hold your finger and the spacecraft shoots, MOVE the finger by the screen and it rapidly change direction of the fire! On release - it accelerates madly flying to the direction where the tap was: the bigger the distance between a tap and the ship - the higher SPEED you get. The movement starts - tap again and to shoot deadly rocks and asteroids in all the directions. It's easy and playful - you'll love it - DESIGNED for SMARTFONES.
- Classic ASTEROIDS Gameplay
- A lot of Universal colors
- Beautiful EXPLOSIONS
- Choose the Space Ship of your dream
- And almost none of ads - we promise

Download the life-style game - this is the first video game's gameplay the humanity ever created and it is still alive in the very modern graphics and better bigger faster asteroids. High dynamic and plenty of JOY!
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Flying Croc Simulator game for android the wild fantasy weedgame in the weed led jungle

Flying Croc Simulator game for android

The crazy wild fantasy game and the wildest jungle animals are now on YOUR SCREEN! They are the Flying Crocodile, absolutely gorgeous with its Pixel Graphics it is merely a PERFECTION. Small flying fairies help him to fly faster - it is the MADNESS and you'll love this weed game at all your heart.
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CROC is the main guy and he is accomponied by WEED Fairy - a fatty pretty plump, and the craziest bird on the whole planet - Toucan, who is also a stoner and he could not help himself - he puffs a little in this weedgame. It is a RUNNER and it is also a HUNT for the sticky dank buds all around the wild jungle. A lot of colours and the fully cultural exploration game. It's a full basket of world class buds: green and purple are medical stuff, they are good, collect them, but beware of faireball seeds, they can hurt and cost a life to your pixel cutest fantasy creature.
The creature moves automatically forward like in the classic runner control, and you carefully tap to alter the the altitude of the magnificent flight. Tap-tap-tap the screen and the CROC will fly up-up-up higher. You want it down? Just release the finger and it'll start dropping immediately until your next tap shall push it up again. Crazy hunting manoeuvres and the easiest tap controls for the SMARTFONES shall grant you ton of ENTERTAINMENT.
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