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Power Shooter 3D

The Power Shooter 3D is the power update of our space themed classic scifi shooter. In the game you will find splendid cartoon graphics, totally cartoon visual-effects and explosions, cute spaceships, and the tough professional scifi soundtrack.
In this new version we're suggesting the one-thumb control, this time it is really managed by one thumb: the ship always shoots in the direction where the finger is, and it turns automatically, until you hold the thumb touching the screen whether moving or not; and on release - the ship boosts into the point of space where your thumb just was. Touch in a new point and it starts shooting again, just keep in mind when to release and where to in space the player's ship (yours) will boost after the thumb is released.
What else you will find in the game:
- Classic ASTEROIDS Shooter Gameplay
- Colourful Scifi cartoon Graphics;
- Nicely Composed Soundtrack;
- Easy One-Thumb Control;
- Minimum Of Ads Or None (in some countries);
- Dynamic Gameplay;
- Local High-Score achievements;

Well! That's it. See the screenshots and enjoy the game. Feel free not to forget to express your impression of the game in the commentaries, whether your gaming experience was good or not that good, or any otherwise suggestions you may have for us, anyway, this will help us keep making the game better and better every time for you XD

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Flying Croc Simulator

The crazy ARCADE wild fantasy and the wild jungle animals life: the flying crocodile supported by small flying fairies helping him to fly faster, and the tucan, and the green fat fairy. The all fly the dangerous jungle path to collect more of medical weed, escaping threatening fire seeds.
++ And now we added Santa who is gathering buds too! ++
This weed game is a hunt for catching as many small flying creatures carrying green or purple fantasy cannabis leaves as it is only possible. It's a full basket of buds: green and purple are medical stuff, they are good, collect them, but beware of faireball seeds, they can cost a life to your cute fantasy character.
Every character of this cannabis game has its own soundtrack.
It moves automatically, and you carefully control the altitude of the flight. Tap the screen and the selected character (a crocodile, a tucan or a fairy, and now new member + the Christmas funny oldman, Santa Clause) - so they will fly up higher on your tap, and it will go down immediately until your next tap shall push it up again.

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