Terms and conditions

Read this terms and conditions carefully before using this website ("this website"). Claiming ignorance of any of the terms herein is not an acceptable defense for violating them. If you do not accept them, please cease use of this website immediately.


Game (or games for plural) - a software product ("the game") operational on the client hardware piece with a help of a related other software (often web-browser but not always). The latter is usually installed onto this hardware piece by the party not affiliated to this website, and such installation is usually agreed and accepted by the end-user; the intention of such "the game" is the ENTERTAINMENT by means of interaction to the end-user by simulating fully or partly one or few humankind activities or being an implementation of a fantasy world;
Software - a programming code designed to perform on the client hardware piece;
Service (or services for plural) - collectively the operations of this website, including but not limited to sending information and data via internet to the attention of the end-user, giving access to games, apps and other software and other downloadable materials and files (e.g. books, images, etc.).
Score(s) or Game score(s) - the results or the outcome of the game session, usually expressed as an integer number, more seldom as real number, or a combination of such numbers, having the purpose to compete to other anonymous users of the game in a form a virtual competition for the personal joy exclusively. By that such a competition can be completely ignored by the end-user(s).

Nature Of Products

This website is managed as a private blog. This website provides an access of the end-users to the contents of this website. The contents may include but not limited to html5 games, android games, iOs games, online games (collectively "games") and applications (collectively "apps") which are owned by the website owners and/or their respective partners ("third parties"). These games - by the very nature of computer video games - simulate the mankind activities or implement fantasy worlds and are designed for the purpose of ENTERTAINMENT or EDUCATION or both. The services of this website propagate nothing and advocate nothing.


The services of this website do not collect nor store any personal data except the data essentially sent through internet for the purpose of making the software of this website workable BEING NOT an exclusive solution for this website but a worldwide common experience (such as IPs, internet-service provider credentials, referring urls, apache requests/logs etc.) However this website do not store any of this essential data intentionally, except of the following: (1) session data and anonymous internet-user identification data for uploading the game scores onto this website, but not a private data by no means with no reasonable link to the user's physical or legal personality or identity or location.
We strongly recommend and insist NOT to use under no circumstances real names or real images depicting a physical person whenever this website may request a virtual imaginary name ("name") or a virtual imaginary nickname ("nickname") or an image (a.k.a. "avatar"). Submitting a true personal data for this or similar case is the personal responsibility and a free choice of the submitting party (yet being totally discouraged by this website).
The games under Spacegame.info trademark/brand do not collect any personal data either. Some of such games published in the white label marketplace(s) may contain third party advertising from the most trusted agencies of the world. We (the website and the mentioned spacegame.info publisher) still collect NOTHING and store NEVER NO DATA IN NO PLACE of ours, but those third party agencies may do on there full behalf for the better ads performance - kindly check a third party agency's privacy policy in case you are too far nuts about privacy policies.

Games and/or Apps with Unity ads

Reference for the privacy policy for the games and/or apps which show unity video advertisement:


This website is available internationally with no restriction to any specific geography. As soon as none of the personal data is ever collected - the owners of this website obviously do not have any reasonable possibility to determine the residency or actual geographical location of the internet-users accessing this website, and - by that - it is a sole responsibility of the mentioned internet-user to comply with his/her local or other applicable legislation in regard to using the contents, games, apps, services of this website.
However we totally DISCOURAGE and DO NOT recommend use of this website for the following countries: Algeria, Iran, Jordan, Libya, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, Palestine, Yemen, South Korea, Russia. To support this recommendation we DO NOT publish the contents of this website in the official languages of the listed countries.

Internet online Charges

Using the online games or apps or any other downloadable contents of this website suggests the transportation of data via internet and having the said standard charges may apply to the end-user. These charges mentioned herein are completely beyond the control and knowledge of this website's owners, but are the result of contractual relations (whether it is a verbal, written or implied contract) by and between the internet-user accessing this website and the access-point or data-provider.
The services of this website are provided to the end-users free of charge until the otherwise EXPLICITLY stated with the respect and the full compliance to all legislations applicable for EACH such chargeable service, agreed and accepted by the end-user.

Intellectual Property

All contents of this website (including but not limited to games, apps, images, screenshots, texts, programming code, source code, designs, scenarios, ways of implementation and/or use of the mentioned contents herein) are the property of this website owners or their third-party partners. No commercial use is allowed without prior approval. Any use having the purpose of attracting somebody's attention is considered as commercial use (including but not limited to publishing the mentioned contents of this website to social networks or printing materials, as well as embedding into email messages or other means of public communication). Any means of de-compilation, including but not limited to disassembling, reverse engineering, extracting the packages, etc., are not allowed. We would be happy to limit the educational purpose too, but it's not much possible in full ) Please use the contact-us section of this website for any inquires in the regard of COPYRIGHT or INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY as well as in case of having any doubts. You can also contact us for getting more information about copyright and I.P. regulations of the world - it is a curious conception by itself, full of wonders.

Drug Policy

The apps support nothing and advocate nothing, being either educational or entertainment material, they only bring information and being a effective source of information or (for entertainment purpose) are intended to bring loads of fun to the user. None of the games and none of the app-books is a call to action, but the informational material is delivered as information and has nothing about controlled substances (in other words - Hemp is the preferred ingredient for the recipes, we do it for sake of healthy lifestyle but not for changing someone's lifestyle, no means!). And be 100% sure you're way above the legal age of your country.

Limitation Of Liability

The services/apps/games of this website - created solely by this website or cooperatively with the third parties - are provided "as is" and are free of charge until the otherwise is EXPLICITLY stated and all the terms are considered as being accepted by the end-user. The software, apps and games are free for freedom and bear no intention to harm the user or user's hardware or user's software or his/her emotional stability. Using this website is the complete personal responsibility, a sole decision and a free choice of the visitor. If the visitor's age is less than the legal age of his country or of the country where he/she is now (normally it is 18 or 21 depending on the territory) then such a visitor is not allowed to use this website and the products/services/apps/games of this website. Neglecting or Ignoring these rules and terms is not an appropriate behaviour and such a visitor ignorant to these rules and terms must leave the website immediately and cease the use of products/services/apps/games immediately .

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